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Åsa has been awarded a one year recidency in Berlin at Kunst Werke and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin through The Swedish Art Grants Commitee / IASPIS. Starts Oct 2016.

2016.02.13 - 2016.08.28
Luftslottet [transl. The Air Castle], Norrköpings Art museum

Exhibition opening at Österängens Art center in Jönköping


Åsa is currently working on several projects that seeks to explore playing, participatory processes and spatial drama.

Primitive By Nature;
Materialist Rituals
Civilization - The Pleasure Principle
A Certain Ambiguity
Oral Condition
The Cabinet
The Quest for Presence
The Expectation, Devotion and the ambivalence of being Penetrated and born-again
Gestures and Gaps
Positions pointing towards a direction (in time)
Into the Wilderness
On a happy day it talks back to you
Doughy Play
Please and Love (on the floor)
Say Cheese (with the ephemeral Drum)