With my work I want to detach mental constructs and provide keys to every human’s potential greatness. My method is performative, through research or material laborations I throw myself out into uncharted territories with a beginner's gaze trying out new meaning and place. I often let the formats shift and layers alter. I like creating extensions to pieces in order to modify and activate the drama.

In recent works I’ve been occupied by the idea of purity and danger and found myself in a place between new age-movement, wastement plants and looking at the society as in collapse. With this as a backdrop I want to further investigate a new beginning and the power of the collective.

In ongoing work I immerse myself into how we play, what we play and when we play, and this will be an investigating and open process that takes on various expressions and results.

- - -

Åsa Cederqvist is a visual artist who works with broad range of materials to modify the meaning thereof and to create new platforms for communication to transpose power structures. Her work often suggests a universality of creation, manifesting a strong sense of transformation, as if they were in a constant making. Åsas work includes film, textiles, sculpting, working within a tradition of Expanded Cinema and performance, proposing a spatial experience, embodiment and activism.

Recent exhibitions/performances: Suspension, Motifs and game, ÖSterängens Art center, Jönköping (2016), Gestures and Gaps, Wetterling gallery (2015), HV-140 Years, HV-gallery (2014), The Cabinet and beyond – Gallery Verkligheten, Umeå (2014) Canni-Balls -in production, Ausland, Berlin (2014), Power is exercised, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal (2013), Síndrome - Context, modes and structure, La Capella, Barcelona (2013), Excavation, Wetterling gallery, (2013), Playing with Dead things, Steinsland Berliner (2013), Sideshow - Tanz im August, Berlin (2012), Darker than Night, Casino Metropolitano, Mexico City (2010), Construction 01:12 + The Cabinet, Konsthuset, Uppsala (2011), Swedish Conceptual Art, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar (2010). Since 2010 Åsa works as senior lecturer in Fine arts at the Textile programme at Konstfack, Stockholm. 1998-2006 she played in the band Revl9n.